Application of specific surface area and pore size analyzer in pharmaceutical excipients

Have you ever before seen that generally made use of tablets or vitamin tablets have a slim layer of finish externally? This is an additive made from magnesium stearate, which is typically attributed to medications that work as a lubricating substance. So why is this compound included in medicines?

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What is magnesium stearate?

Magnesium stearate is an extensively utilized pharmaceutical ingredient in the pharmaceutical market. It is a mixture of magnesium stearate (C36H70MgO4) and magnesium palmitate (C32H62MgO4) as the cornerstones. It is a white, sand-free fine powder compatible with the skin. It feels unsafe on call. Magnesium stearate is the most commonly used lubricant in pharmaceutical manufacturing and has good anti-sticking, flow-increasing and lubricity properties. Including magnesium stearate throughout the production of pharmaceutical tablet computers can properly minimize the friction between the tablet computers and the tablet press mold, substantially minimize the tableting pressure of the pharmaceutical tablet press, and improve the uniformity and quality control of the medicine.

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The vital characteristic of magnesium stearate as a lubricant is its particular surface. The larger the specific surface area, the stronger its polarity; the higher the bond, the simpler it is to evenly disperse on the particle surface area during the mixing process, and the much better the lubricity.

Accuracy Examination can perform gas adsorption tests on materials such as magnesium stearate and examine the wager certain surface area of the materials. The instrument operation is easy and practical, and the outcomes are exact. The high degree of automation.

Result of specific surface area on magnesium stearate

Studies have explained that the physical residential or commercial properties of lubes will also significantly influence drugs, such as the surface area problem of the lubricant, fragment dimension, surface, crystal framework, etc. Magnesium stearate, after grinding, drying out, and storage space, will cause Its initial physical homes to transform, therefore affecting its lubrication function.

Great magnesium stearate has a low-shear layered structure, which can be appropriately combined with pharmaceutical active components and other excipients to offer lubrication between the compacted powder and the mold wall, stopping the interaction between the powder and the mold and mildew. For attachment, the bigger the surface area of magnesium stearate, the easier it is to uniformly disperse on the bit surface during the mixing procedure and the better the lubricity. Under certain problems of the blend and tablet press, the bigger the detailed area of magnesium stearate, the smaller the tensile toughness, the higher the friability, and the slower the dissolution and disintegration of tablets. As a result, surface area is considered an essential technical sign of pharmaceutical-grade magnesium stearate. The certain surface of magnesium stearate on the marketplace is between 3 and 54 m2/g, usually between 5 and 20 m2/g. The distinction in certain surface areas is attributed to its various prep work approaches. Degassing problems will certainly influence the information on the specific surface of magnesium stearate. It has been reported in literary works (see the number listed below) that the specific surface area of magnesium stearate lowers as the degassing temperature increases. The degassing temperature needs to be managed to prevent solidifying. Magnesium fat sinter or melts.

Usually, suppliers set the details surface area to an upper limit that is two times the reduced limit (for instance: 6 ~ 12m2/g). While modifications within this array might not impact all products, they might affect products susceptible to over lubrication, so exact measurement of specific areas is essential.


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