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The preparation method of micron spherical TC4 powder

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The micron spherical TC4 powder mainly has the characteristics of high sphericity, smooth surface, less satellite spheres, low oxygen content, uniform particle size distribution, good fluidity, and high loose density and tap density. The particle size is generally 0-45μm, 0-53μm, 15-45μm, 15-53μm, 45-105μm. Luoyang Tongrun Information Technology Co., Ltd. can also customize the required particle size according to customer needs.


Currently, micron spherical TC4 powder preparation methods can be divided into: reduction method, electrolysis method, carbonyl decomposition method, grinding method, atomization method, etc. according to the preparation process.


Among them, micron spherical TC4 powder produced by reduction, electrolysis and atomization methods are more commonly used in the powder metallurgy industry as raw materials. However, the electrolysis method and the reduction method are limited to the production of elemental metal powder, and these methods are not applicable to alloy powder. The atomization method can be used for the production of alloy powder, and the modern atomization process can also control the shape of the powder. The continuous development of the atomization cavity structure greatly improves the atomization efficiency, which makes the atomization method gradually develop into the main powder production method. The atomization method meets the special requirements of micron spherical TC4 powder. The atomization method refers to a method of pulverizing molten metal into particles with a size less than about 150 μm by a mechanical method.


According to the method of crushing molten metal, it can be divided into atomization methods, including two-stream atomization, centrifugal atomization, ultrasonic atomization, vacuum atomization, and so on. These atomization methods have their own characteristics, and all have been successfully applied to industrial production. Among them, the water vapor atomization method has the advantages of simple production equipment and process, low energy consumption, and large batches, and has become the main industrial production method of metal powder.


The gas atomization method is one of the main methods for producing micron spherical TC4 powder and alloy powder. The basic principle of gas atomization is the process of breaking the liquid metal stream into small droplets with high-speed airflow and solidifying into powder. Due to its advantages of high purity, low oxygen content, controllable powder particle size, low production cost and high sphericity, the prepared powder has become the main development direction of high-performance and special alloy powder preparation technology. However, the gas atomization method also has shortcomings. The energy of the high-pressure airflow is much less than that of the high-pressure water flow. Therefore, the crushing efficiency of the gas atomization on the molten metal is lower than that of the water atomization, which makes the atomization efficiency of the gas atomized powder lower. Thereby increasing the cost of preparing the atomized powder.


Vacuum atomization pulverization refers to the smelting of metals or metal alloys under vacuum conditions. Under gas protection, high-pressure airflow atomizes the metal liquid into a large number of small droplets, which solidify into spherical or sub-shaped droplets during flight. Spherical particles. Vacuum atomization powder can prepare most of the metal and its alloy powders that cannot be produced by atomization in air and water, and can obtain spherical or subspherical powders. As the solidification quickly overcomes the segregation phenomenon, many special alloy powders can be prepared. Using a suitable process, the powder particle size can reach a required range.



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