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Installation and maintenance of rolling mill bearings

wallpapers Tech 2020-05-27
The service life of rolling mill bearings is not only related to the quality of the bearings but also closely related to their installation and use. Therefore, the bearing installation's technical requirements should be paid attention to, and the relevant operating regulations should be followed.
1. Preparation before installation
(1) Before installation, the mating surfaces of the matching parts, including the roll neck, bearing box, bearing ring and bearing box cover, etc., should be carefully inspected to check whether their dimensions, shape position accuracy, and fit tolerance meet the technical design requirements.
(2) The surface matching the bearing, the edges and burrs of the roll neck, the bearing box hole, and the oil hole must be removed and cleaned and coated with lubricant.
2. Preparations for installing the front bearing and roll neck
(1) The bearing must not be unsealed before installation;
(2) The journal should be inspected to make sure that the size of the installation site is within the required tolerance range:
(3) The axle box should be kept clean, and the box hole should be checked to make sure that it is within the tolerance range:
(4) Make sure that other parts are not abnormal or damaged.

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