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Bearing installation method of self-aligning bearing installation

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For self-aligning bearings, when installing a bearing with a shaft into the shaft hole of the case, the use of an intermediate mounting ring prevents the outer ring from tilting and rotating. It should be remembered that the balls of some sizes of self-aligning ball bearings protrude from the sides of the bearings, so the middle mounting ring should be recessed to prevent damage to the balls. A large number of bearings are generally installed using mechanical or hydraulic press-in methods.

 For separable bearings, the inner ring and outer ring can be installed separately, which simplifies the installation process, especially when the inner and outer rings need to be interference fit. When installing the shaft with the inner ring in place into the bearing box that already contains the outer ring, care must be taken to see if the inner and outer rings are properly aligned to avoid scratching the bearing raceway and rolling parts. If the cylindrical and needle roller bearings use an inner ring without flange ribs or an inner ring with a flange on one side, it is recommended to use a mounting sleeve. The outer diameter of the sleeve should be equal to the inner ring raceway diameter F, and the tolerance standard for mechanical processing should be d10. Drawn cup needle roller bearings are best installed using mandrels.

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