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Industry chain of Hollow glass powder industry in 2021

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New materials refer to newly developed or developing structural materials with excellent properties and functional materials with special properties. Structural materials mainly use their strength, toughness, hardness, elasticity, and other mechanical properties. Such as new ceramic materials, amorphous alloy, etc. Functional materials mainly make use of their electrical, optical, acoustic, magnetic, thermal, and other functions and physical effects. In recent years, the research and development of new materials in the world mainly include new metal materials, fine ceramics, optical fiber, and so on. The Hollow glass powder is one of the new materials.

Market size of Hollow glass powder

Along with the continuous development of modern front-end technology in various fields, the development and progress of Hollow glass powder have promoted production technology in various fields significantly. With the increase of the demand for products in the downstream market, the field of the Hollow glass powder will usher in a wave of "golden age". Now, most of the Hollow glass powder are still in the introduction period and growth period. The market capacity is small. The market penetration rate is low, through strengthening product innovation, pay attention to technology research and development, will obtain a broad future market. The market size of China\'s new materials industry reached 4.5 trillion RMB in 2019, up 15.4 percent year on year, data showed. It is predicted that the market size of China\'s new materials industry will reach 7 trillion RMB by 2021.

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