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According to the characteristics of the production process to the aluminum alloy classification

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According to the characteristics of aluminum alloy classification, according to the characteristics of the production process, aluminum alloy is divided into two types: deformed aluminum alloy and cast aluminum alloy.
Deformed aluminum alloy
It can be divided into the anti-rust aluminum alloy, hard aluminum alloy, super-hard aluminum alloy and wrought aluminum alloy, etc., which have their own characteristics and different applications. The deformed aluminum alloy undergoes hot and cold pressure processing such as rolling and extrusion to make various profiles such as plates, rods, wires, and tubes.
1. The anti-rust aluminum alloy belongs to the aluminum-manganese series and the aluminum-magnesium series alloy. It has moderate strength, excellent plasticity, and good corrosion resistance. It is an aluminum alloy that can be strengthened by heat treatment and is used to make good corrosion resistance—containers, fuel tanks, deep-drawn parts, etc.
2. Duralumin alloy, which belongs to the aluminum-copper-magnesium alloy, can be improved by quenching and aging treatment and has poor corrosion resistance. It is used to manufacture aircraft beams, shelves, air propellers, etc., and is also obtained in instrument manufacturing.
3. Super hard aluminum alloy is an aluminum-copper-magnesium-zinc alloy formed by adding zinc on the basis of hard aluminum alloy. It can be heat-treated to increase the strength, and its corrosion resistance is poor. It is used for aircraft with greater stress Structural parts, such as aircraft girders, landing gear, etc.
4. Wrought aluminum alloys, mostly aluminum-copper-magnesium-silicon or aluminum-copper-magnesium-nickel-iron alloys, have good thermoplasticity and corrosion resistance and have good pressure processing performance under hot conditions. Good strengthening effect. It is mainly used in the aviation instrument manufacturing industry to manufacture forgings or stampings with complex shapes, lightweight and high strength, such as impellers, conductive wheels, and rocker arms of aircraft operating systems.
Cast aluminum alloy
It can be divided into aluminum-silicon series, aluminum-copper series, aluminum-magnesium series and aluminum-zinc series, etc. It has good casting performance and is an aluminum alloy of various shapes manufactured by various casting methods.

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